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Quotes I have been Lena's client for 10 years and she is amazing! Waxes are virtually painless because she is so quick and has a light touch. I've been getting facials with her for the past 2 years and not only do I emerge with amazing skin, but the experience is relaxing and tranquil. Lena is the absolute best. She loves what she does, and it really shows! Quotes
Satisfied Client!

Quotes Lena is super!!!!! Quotes

Quotes Getting a wax from Lena was about as pleasant of an experience as such a painful event can be. She specifically used wax for sensitive skin to minimize the pain of the procedure. After the wax she gave me a special ointment to avoid skin bumps, to rub on after the wax. I got my back and front and shoulders entirely waxed. The facial was done in a different room with a relaxing atmosphere high ceilings, and relaxing music and a massage to accompany the procedure. Afterwards I felt rejuvenated and my face looked much better. Prices were reasonable and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a good aesthetician in mid town. Quotes
Relaxing facial, and a careful wax

Quotes I have been Lena's client for years. At first I was visiting her for waxing but lately I have added regular facial visits. Lena is the best! She is extremely considerate, careful and thorough. She is a consummate professional whom I have recommended her to many friends. Quotes

Quotes Not only does Lena make waxing quick and painless but she is truly the city's best! I have been going to Lena for almost 10 years and I would follow her anywhere. There is no one else as professional, patient, gentle, kind and personable. She truly makes her clients so comfortable and once you go visit her you will never go anywhere else. Most people dread getting waxed but you can't leave Lena without a smile on your face or a little word of wisdom! Quotes
Client for 10 years!

Quotes Lena is the best at waxing! I've been a client for 2 years now and have sent many of my friends to her. It's always a great experience. I highly reccommend her! She's the best! Quotes

Quotes I have been a client of lena more than 2 years ago. I appreciate everything she does she makes me feel beautifull . the place is really the best atmosphere for anything you are looking for. From her painless waxing to facial where you can just relax and makes you stress free from work and the busy city we live in. to her soft hand when she massages the body with the soft music . to her soothing talks she just makes me feel great everytime i go there. I LOVE YOU LENA YOU ARE THE BEST !!!!!!! Quotes
Client :-)

Quotes Lena was professional, sweet, and an amazing conversationalist! She was quick, and it was painless. Everything about the place was comforting and soothing.She has great techniques and Instruct you on a breathing method.The facility is pleasant,clean and relaxing.I enjoy coming here! Quotes

Quotes if you're looking to have a good waxing experience you need to see lena for that. I had an idea of what waxing was about and was extremely afraid to get a bikini, or even brazilian wax . my co-worker alena recomended lena to me, and I went, safe to that it was an experience that I wouldn't mind repeating . Lena is very profesional , she put me at ease and there this sort of stillness about her that just calmed down and the glass of wine did also help. so my final request to all who read this is go, try it, I promise you'll be satisfied, trust me Quotes
emma D
the relaxing side of waxing

Quotes Im not too good in reviews,usually don`t have much time for that,but here i can`t keep quiet!!The most amazing experience i ever had was Lena!!!!!Professianal,beautiful,adorable,sweet etc etc....you come there and YOU DON`T WANT TO LEAVE,she makes you feel home.I am her client for more than 3 years and never left her salon without smile on my face.She treats her clients so well,wine and chocolate upon arrival!!))Moreover she never forgets about your birthdays!!!))))) Usually waxing is not the most enjoyable thing to do but with Lena,you don`t really feel it, she takes your mind away,she even has her special breathing technique during the procedure!And her FACIALS, OMG,i`ve never felt like this before,soft magic hands and great results!!i usually fall asleep after her first touch!!!:)))if you are really looking for great service,from brazilian to skincare, that`s the right place to go!!!! Quotes
Alena Chernova
In love with Lena client!!!!