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Quotes If your looking for a Skincare professional, then your def. in the right place. Lena, not only knows what she's doing and can practically do it with her eyes shut, she sets an environment that it just too wonderful to walk away from. I really wouldn't know where to start.. Whether it's the tranquil music, her delicate hands, her soothing conversations, or the delightful chocolate and wine she gives you after your done like you just got out of the doctors office. I've been her client for over a year now and i JUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE LENA! Her prices are moderate and inexpensive considering she's located in the heart of midtown right by the Empire. I would also recommend checking out her specials!! She gives deals that you CAN'T walk away from! P.S She has hands of a feather! Her waxes are painless & her facials are soooooo Relaxing!! You will walk out feeling like a Queen!!!!!!!!!!! Quotes
Menna Ismail
Happiest Client!!!! LENA IS THE BEST!!