Weekend special 

Saturday from 10am to 5pm


  • Brazilian bikini and  wax      $30 ( reg price $40)
  • Brazilian and underarm wax $40 (reg price $50)

Dermaplaning - (60 min) ( reg. $200

special $150

Dermaplaning its one of the instant gratification treatments. Dermaplane is a manual gentle exfoliating technique that planes away the outermost layer of dead skin, removing the vellus facial hair and revealing fresh, new, very smooth skin. A sterile surfical blade is stroked along the skin to gently remove dead skin cells from the epidermis. Indications for Dermaplaning: rough skin, dull, uneven tone, peach fuzz(thin facial hair). Results after one treatment: very fresh, smooth and soft skin, even tone, home care products penetrate deeper and work better, smooth makeup application, removes peach fuzz without stimulating it. They will not become coarser and thicker.


Meso Pen can treat specific areas of the face and body for conditions such as:
Wrinkles and expressional lines
Barcode lines(lips)
Aged hands
Tired eyes/ dark circles
Acne scarring
Scars/ wound healing
Stretch marks
Hair loss

Hydradermie LIFT (reg.$120) and 

 Eye Logic  Treatment (reg. $45) 

First time visit only $120

Facial muscle stimulation lifts the features.
With the age and fatigue, the contour of the face loses tone and sighs of aging can appear. Until now, lifting treatments acted on the skin's structure by mending the epidermis and firming the dermis. Today, HYDRADERMIE LIFT lifts the facial features by stimulating the facial muscles. In just a few minutes, the face appears younger and visibly lifted. 
EYE LOGIC is a beauty treatment specifically designed for the eyes. Specially developed for this delicate area, this treatment targets puffiness and dark circles in the eye contour area as well as wrinkles between the eyes and in the corners.


Special discount for first time

 visit only -  $100 any Guinot


Do you look tired? Is your skin dull? Are your wrinkles visible? facials will revive your look! Your skin will glow and you will see immediate results. 
Hydradermie - Our Star Treatment. In a little more than one hour,                                                       the Guinot Hydradermie facial will leave your skin radiant, healthy,                                                         and beautiful. Offered exclusively by Guinot-trained aestheticians, this                                                     exclusive, unique treatment incorporates the use of mild galvanic                                                             currents  to increase the penetration of firming and moisturizing                                                            products and high frequency to stimulate microcirculation and                                                             oxygenate  your skin. First treatment is only $85.00/hr (reg. $120).

                                            Paraffin Wax Treatments for Hands (free with any type of facial) 

Pink Wax for Sensitive Skin  $80


-Brazilian Bikini wax

-Anesthetic numbing spray, temporary numbing the skin, taking the sting out of waxing while soothing the skin. 

-removes ingrown hair

-includes comfort lotion to calm the skin down

and the treatment finishes with a moisturizer.