Services for Men

Modern men are conscious that their appearance is a major factor in their success. In our increasingly competitive society, a youthful, fresh appearance provides a significant advantage.

With innovative Guinot skin care products designed specifically for men, the skin care professionals LENA skincare can target your unique requirements. Whether you need to reduce dryness, decrease razor burn, or minimize clogged pores, Guinot skin care products combine leading edge technology, plant extracts, and essential oils to help you look your best.

WE provides a range of results-oriented, customized salon treatments just for men that focus on anti-aging, oil-control, and stress relief.

Hydradermie Facial for Men  

Our signature facial for the man seeking a well-groomed and polished appearance. This exclusive high-tech facial treatment deep cleans, moisturizes, and tones your skin with galvanic and high frequency modules, specialized active gels and the Guinot products developed for the different physiology of men’s skin.

60 minutes $120

 Hydradermie Lift 

The energizing face treatment. The ultimate lifting facial, The Guinot Hydradermie Lift improves your skin tone with a muscle stimulating micro-current for a firm and youthful appearance.

60 minutes $120

Hydradermie for Acne  

The Hydradermie Treatment is the most effective deep cleansing and hydrating treatment for your skin. Treatment restore clear healthy skin and control oil and shine.

60 minutes $120

Back Facial 

A back Facial is a skin treatment which is formulated specifically for the back. A back facial treatment will help to cleanse, exfoliate the skin, while treating any congestion and reveal a brighter and smoother skin.

60 minutes $100

Perfectly Groomed  

Preparing for special occasion is a perfect time to transform your skin with wellness enhancing, stress reducing treatments. each treatment is designed specifically for each individual's skin type. Immediatly afterwards, the skin looks and feels more healthy and purified.


60 minutes $100

Eyebrow wax 

We can help you get perfectly shaped eye brows to enhance your eyes and balance your facial features.

10-15 minutes $15